Ocean Pearl of Worksop

White Wine Selection

01. Cuvee Chaumiere Sec (Dry)

Cuvee Saint Bernard
A crisp, fresh dry white of quality.

02. Cuvee Chaumiere Demi-Sec (Medium)

Cuvee Saint Bernard
A medium, fruity mellow wine, with body and warmth.

03. Piesporter Michelsberg

Drei Konige
A light elegant wine with a crisp and fruity medium style. The Mosel's most famous wine.

04. Chardonnay

Montiac de France
Fairly dry with an exuberant, flowery bouquet, rich peach and mango aromas and flavours with crispy lemony fruit.

05. Sauvignon Blanc

Montiac de France
A crisp, fresh white wine from the south of France, full of lively tropical and green-fruit flavours.

06. Pinot Grigio

La Casada
Fine quality, lively crisp fruity wine, perfectly balanced with citrus fruits. A light easy drinking choice with a refreshing style.

07. Chenin Blanc

A great amount of fragrance and aroma on the nose, and a balanced mouthful of citrus tastes.
South Africa

08. Muscadet

Chateau de la Ragotiere
Fine example of this widely known wine. Crisp, dry, 'green-gold' in colour, and a full, fruity nose.

09. Chablis

Gerard Tremblay
Dry white wine with a penetrating, almost harsh bouquet, clean crisp unique flavour often described as 'steely'.

Rose Wine Selection

10. Mateus Rose

Popular Portguese Rose wine.

Ocean Pearl Worksop